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Pen + Gear Composition Book, Wide Ruled, 100 Pages, 7.5" x 9.75", Color Choice Will Vary, 56012
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Pen+Gear 100 Sheet Color Composition Notebook, Wide Ruled, 9.75" x 7.5"
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Pen + Gear 100 Sheet Composition Notebook, Wide RuledA favorite among teachers, this sturdy and reliable composition book is a great way to start every student off on their academic year.  The wide rule and the clean white pages will allow you to take organized notes, and the sewn binding will help ensure that your notes will not be lost.  The hard front and back cover will help prevent those annoying crumbling or tearing of pages when you shove your composition book into your bag after class.  This reliable composition book is also great for workers on the field to keep track of all projects, or for personal journal entries, storing old family recipes, and any knowledge you wish to keep.Each composition book has 100 sheets of wide ruled bright white papers.This Pen+Gear composition book is manufactured with sustainable materials.  The high quality paper used in this notebook, has a high brightness, and it originates from certified, sustainably managed forests.  It is made in factories that operate only under the highest standards of compliance with social and sustainable practices.