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(11 Pack) Maggi Bouillon, Chicken Flavor, 6 Ct
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Give a boost of flavor and seasoning to your next meal with the Maggi Chicken Flavor Bouillon. These cubes can be used to create soups, rice, Pasta beans, meats and nearly all types of dishes. The Maggi bouillon comes as a six-count in a 2.43-oz box. These tablets are completely dissoluble, making them simple to add to a variety of different meals. They contain only 15 calories per serving and have no cholesterol. The tablets have ingredients such as dehydrated chicken, onion powder, spices and other natural flavors. Enhance your meals and give them that extra boost of flavor that will have your friends and family wanting your recipes.
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Maggi Chicken Flavor Bouillon Tablets:
  • Perfect to prepare delicious soups, rice, Pasta beans, meats and other types of dishes
  • Maggi chicken bouillon comes as dissoluble tablets
  • Flavor base that can be used in your favorite recipes
  • Delicious flavor to enhance your dishes