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Ticonderoga Wood-Cased Pencils, #2 HB Soft, Yellow, 24 Ct
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Be ready for the school year with these Ticonderoga Pencils 24-Count HB 2 The World's BEST Pencil. It's widely recognized with the distinctive green and yellow ferrule glued together for a stronger hold. This Ticonderoga pencil box uses an exclusive graphite formulation that provides extra-smooth performance. Use them for doing homework, taking notes, doodling and more. The eraser on top cleanly removes mistakes. These unsharpened pencils are available in your choice of pack sizes.
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Ticonderoga Pencil, 24-Count HB #2, Unsharpened, The World's BEST Pencil:The World's Best Pencil with an exclusive #2 HB graphite core formula provides extra-smooth performanceTiconderoga pencil box has multiple layers of lacquer glued the length of the entire pencil to cause less breakagePremium wood crafted from certified well-managed forestsTop-quality, latex-free erasers provide easy, clean correctionsBox of 24 unsharpened pencilsFor doing homework, taking notes and much moreUnsharpened pencils are available in different pack sizes: Single, 2-Pack