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Nutella 26.5oz Jar
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Enjoy the Nutella 26.5 oz jar on a piece of toast, pancakes or more. It contains over 100 hazelnuts with cocoa and skim milk to spread on. This Nutella jar has no cholesterol and is low on sodium that makes it a healthy dessert. It comes with no artificial preservatives and no artificial colors. This Nutella Ferrero contains 200 calories per serving and 20 servings per container.
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Nutella 26.5 oz Jar:Made of hazelnut with skim milk and cocoaContains over 100 hazelnutsNo artificial preservatives and no artificial colorsServing size: 2 tablespoonsComes with 200 calories per servingNo cholesterolLow on sodiumHas 20 servings per containerNutella 26.5 oz jar contains calcium and ironMade in Mexico//